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Clay Creation is a supportive environment where you can explore your creativity with clay. We will help you develop the skills to make clay the right medium for many ideas.

Our skilled teaching staff help students with technical and aesthetic aspects of the ceramic arts. And our extraordinary team of lab assistants and the members help keep the studio organized and clean.

The membership of Clay Creation consists of a combination: novice ceramic artist/potters, hobbyist, very experienced artists, and everything in between.

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by buying 12hr/month of studio time @ $120.  Start reserving your studio time now.

Members can use paid studio hours without a reservation if studio capacity is below 7, and must check with studio monitor before beginning your session. Studio monitor may close studio early if no reservations are on schedule. Classes.html
Notice to all Clay Creation Alumni
At Clay Creation we consider pottery 
a specialized form of sculpture

Clay Creation is temporarily “members” only: hope to accept new members in November

Due to the pandemic we will NOT be taking on NEW members till we have the all clear from the CDC and can resume “classes” - Early November....

If you have completed a class at Clay Creation in the last past, you are a member at Clay Creation and may purchase studio time by the month, or Finish-Up hrs to complete your glazing.   For the duration of the COVID pandemic we will temporarily have one membership option due to physical distancing guidelines issued by the CDC.

Your favorite Clay instructor will still be available at the usual times so don’t forget to sign u

YOU MAY COME PICKUP any finished work, or retrieve your cubbie contents at ANY of our open hours - You MUST WEAR A MASK, and confirm at the door with Clay Creation Staff to avoid overcrowding.

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Monday  -  Closed.

Tuesday  -  Closed

Wednesday  10:00am -   8:00pm

Thursday      10:00am 6:00pm

Friday              1:00pm - 6:00pm

Saturday       11:30am  4:30pm

Sunday          11:30am-   4:30pm

Reserve your August studio hours NOW!

This closure is to show our solidarity with the healthcare workers on the frontlines.

We have been asked by the city to wait till our hospital system begins to see some relief and their I.C.Unit is no longer swamped. (atleast 15% free beds we can carefully reopen - currently @ 8%)

Our thoughts are with all the healthcare workers and staff in our hospital system.

Updates will be posted when things change

Keep your eyes on the hospital ICU capacity for estimates as to whe we can resume clay-ing

Thanks for understanding and your continued support.

~Geof Nicastro